Contribution Guidelines

How to contribute to the docs

Clearing out of Legacy Snapshot

Our docs have been migrated from the Prow folder inside the kubernetes/test-infra repository to the kubernetes-sigs/prow repository (the page you are reading is generated from kubernetes-sigs/prow). However, these migrated files have been placed under the Legacy Snapshot directory because they have not been vetted by the Prow team as being up-to-date. The original files have been frozen and can no longer be modified.

Our current top priority is to review docs under the Legacy Snapshot and to move them to a more appropriate section. Please contribute!

Updating existing docs

If you need to update an existing doc (that is, in kubernetes/test-infra/prow/.*\.md), you must find the corresponding file in Legacy Snapshot and move it to a more appropriate location.


We use Hugo to format and generate our website, the Docsy theme for styling and site structure, and Netlify to manage the deployment of the site. Hugo is an open-source static site generator that provides us with templates, content organisation in a standard directory structure, and a website generation engine. You write the pages in Markdown (or HTML if you want), and Hugo wraps them up into a website.

Useful resources

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