entrypoint wraps a process and records its output to stdout and stderr as well as its exit code, recording both to disk. The utility will exit with a non-zero exit code if the wrapped process fails or if the utility has a fatal error.

This utility is intended to be used with sidecar, which will watch the files written by this utility and report on the status of the wrapped process.

entrypoint can be configured by either passing in flags or by specifying a full set of options as JSON in the $ENTRYPOINT_OPTIONS environment variable, which has the form:

    "args": [
    "timeout": 7200000000000,
    "grace_period": 15000000000,
    "process_log": "/logs/process-log.txt",
    "marker_file": "/logs/marker-file.txt"

Note: the "timeout" and "grace_period" fields hold the duration in nanoseconds.

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