Plugins are sub-components of hook that consume GitHub webhooks related to their function and can be individually enabled per repo or org.

All plugin specific configuration is stored in plugins.yaml. The Configuration golang struct holds all the config fields organized into substructures by plugin. See its GoDoc for up-to-date descriptions of every config option.

Help Information

Most plugins lack README’s but instead generate PluginHelp structs on demand that include general explanations and help information in addition to details about the current configuration.

Please see for a list of all plugins deployed on the Kubernetes Prow instance, what they do, and what commands they offer. For an alternate view, please see to see all of the commands offered by the deployed plugins.

How to enable a plugin on a repo

Add an entry to plugins.yaml. If you misspell the name then a unit test will fail. If you have updateconfig plugin deployed then the config will be automatically updated once the PR is merged, else you will need to run make update-plugins. This does not require redeploying the binaries, and will take effect within a minute.

External Plugins

External plugins offer an alternative to compiling a plugin into the hook binary. Any web endpoint that can properly handle GitHub webhooks can be configured as an external plugin that hook will forward webhooks to. External plugin endpoints are specified per org or org/repo in plugins.yaml under the external_plugins field. Specific event types may be optionally specified to filter which events are forwarded to the endpoint. External plugins are well suited for:

  • Slow operations that would impact the performance of other plugins if run as part of hook.
  • Components that need to be triggered or notified of events beside GitHub webhooks.
  • Isolating a more or less privileged plugin or a plugin that executes PR code.
  • Integrating existing GitHub services with Prow.

Examples of external plugins can be found in the prow/external-plugins directory. The following is an example external plugin configuration that would live in plugins.yaml.

  - name: refresh-remote
    - issue_comment
  - name: needs-rebase
    # No endpoint specified implies "http://{{name}}".
    - pull_request
    # Dispatching issue_comment events to the needs-rebase plugin is optional. If enabled, this may cost up to two token per comment on a PR. If `ghproxy`
    # is in use, these two tokens are only needed if the PR or its mergeability changed.
    - issue_comment
  - name: cherrypick
    # No events specified implies all event types.

How to test a plugin

See “Building, Testing, and Updating Prow”.