sidecar watches disk for files containing a the std{out,err} output from a process as well as its exit code; when the exit code has been written, this utility uploads a status object, the logs from the process and any other specified artifacts to cloud storage. The utility will exit with the exit code of the wrapped process or otherwise non-zero if the utility has a fatal error.

This utility is intended to be used with entrypoint, which will write the files watched by this utility.

sidecar can be configured by either passing in flags or by specifying a full set of options as JSON in the $SIDECAR_OPTIONS environment variable, which has the same form as that for gcsupload, plus the "process_log" and "marker_file" fields. See that documentation for an explanation.

    "wrapper_options": {
        "process_log": "/logs/process-log.txt",
        "marker_file": "/logs/marker-file.txt"
    "gcs_options": {
        "bucket": "kubernetes-jenkins",
        "sub_dir": "",
        "items": [
        "path_strategy": "legacy",
        "default_org": "kubernetes",
        "default_repo": "kubernetes",
        "gcs_credentials_file": "/secrets/gcs/service-account.json",
        "dry_run": "false"

In addition to this configuration for the tool, the $JOB_SPEC environment variable should be present to provide the contents of the Prow downward API for jobs. This data is used to resolve the exact location in GCS to which artifacts and logs will be pushed.

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